About Us

City Roastery is a micro coffee bean roaster located in Georgetown, KY, near Lexington. We pride ourselves in obtaining high quality and carefully selected coffee beans from around the globe and roasting them to perfection using years of experience in coffee roasting and a true passion for the process. We are roasting on a brand new 2017 Pheonix ORO. We are using the latest software and technology in order to provide top quality coffee products to everyone we do business with. We strive to consistently provide our customers with optimal service, excellent product, and of course, love! We have entered into an amazing coffee community and look forward to growing and sharing our passion for coffee with Kentucky and beyond!

A little information on the owners...

Troy Lee is the man behind the machine! He has been a business owner for years and has been very successful in doing so. In the past he has owned and operated multiple restaurants and a coffee shop. Needless to say, Troy has had a passion for coffee for many years. He has been roasting coffee for himself, his family, and his friends for a long time and has become an amazing roast master whose main focus is to share his passion with all coffee lovers!

Michael Euler's main focus in the business is to extend the reach of City Roastery throughout Lexington, surrounding cities, and beyond. Michael Has been working in restaurants since he was 15 years old. After years in management, Michael has developed excellent customer service skills and can provide care and hospitality to all customers who honor us with their business. He has a true love for coffee and for people.

How did City Roastery come to be?

Troy and Michael's friendship began almost four years ago and one of the many things that they have shared is a love and passion for good coffee. Troy wanted to find a way to share his talent for roasting coffee with others. After years of working in restaurants Michael felt that he wanted to find a career that would provide a positive impact on local communities; a career that he could be proud of. That's why, after a lot of brain storming and planning, they decided to start City Roastery. City Roastery is eager to get involved with great charities and help make a difference in the world. The journey has just begun and we, at City Roastery, would like to thank everyone who has helped along the way and continues to help the company grow!