Kenya AA Maganjo

Kenya AA Maganjo

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Cupping Notes: Notes of citrus and candied walnut with a smooth and lightly acidic body. 

Roast Notes: Medium, Dark (City+)


The Kenya AA Maganjo auction lot comes from the Maganjo Factory which was established in 1937. This factory is composed of small scale farmers who mainly depend on coffee as their main source of income. Most of the beans from the Nyeri region develop and mature slowly, producing extra hard beans. Their main harvesting season runs from October to December. The Nyeri County has cool temperatures and fertile highlands. The final cup shows the high quality coffees produced in this region.


Location: Nyeri County

Altitude: 1,700 - 1,800 meters

Varieties: SL28, SL34, and Ruiru 11

Process: Fully Washed

Drying: Dried on raised beds

Harvest: October - December

Export: January - May