El Salvador SHG Pulp Natural Santa Ana

El Salvador SHG Pulp Natural Santa Ana

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Cupping Notes: Notes of strawberry jam and cherry with a syrupy body.

Roast Level: Medium (City)

The El Salvador SHG Santa Ana is a collection of coffee from a multitude of coffee producers in the region of Santa Ana in Apaneca, LLamatepeq. The coffees that are grown in these areas and create the Santa Ana brand, are mostly bourbon and pacas. The coffee is then milled at Cafe Tuxpal owned and managed by Federico Pacas. We find great pleasure working with such a great mill that provides consistency with quality and care in their processing from the farm level all the way to the mill.

Location: Santa Ana, El Salvador

Altitude: 1100 - 1250 Meters

Varietal: Bourbon, Pacas

Process: Pulp Natural

Drying: Sun Dried on Patios

Harvest: November - March

Export: March - July