Colombia Tolima, Organic and Fair Trade

Colombia Tolima, Organic and Fair Trade

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Cupping Notes: Notes of orange, milk chocolate and toffee

Roast Level: Medium (City)

Located between the foothills of the Colombian Massif and the basin of the river Saldana, La Cumbre’s climate allows for the full development of Arabica coffee growth. After harvest and washing, the coffee is sun-dried in roofed stands that allow for more controlled drying. This combination of microclimate and careful processing results in a balanced coffee with notes of caramel, orange, and red fruit sweetness with a sweet, prolonged aftertaste. 

Location: Tolima, Colombia

Altitude: 1,300-1,800 Meters

Varietal: Caturra, Castillo, Colombia, Tipica. Bourbon, Geisha

Process: Washed

Drying: Sun Dried

Harvest: May - August

Export: June - October